4 systems of your mind

& how to use them to your advantage

I recently started reading the book “Laws of Human Nature” by Robert Greene.

Well, that’s not true…

I started listening to the audiobook while running on the treadmill at my local Planet Fitness.

Quite a good read if you’re into that kind of thing, which I am.

(Yes, I do have the physical book too, don’t come at me)

But more importantly, it got me thinking about systems– of course.

Although I live, breathe, and build systems every day, there was something different about reading this book.

It reminded me that our minds have pre-programmed systems that, most of the time, we are just not aware of.

So today, we are smashing that unawareness right into your consciousness.

Let’s begin.

The Mind: A Symphony of Systems

Greene's masterpiece got me thinking about how our minds are like intricate systems, each part playing a crucial role in one big massive system.

Which is simple: Keeping us alive.

And just like any system, understanding and refining these parts will help you level up professionally and personally.

But what most fail to realize is how interactive our mind really is.

Your brain itself is a system, but managing your heartbeat, breathing, etc., are also microsystems under the macro.

If I asked AI to map out the macro & micro systems of our brain, it would look something like this:

And that’s just the surface.

System 1: Emotional Intelligence

Let's talk about Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

While reading, Greene emphasized understanding and managing our emotions for personal well-being and the overall health of your business.

Countless studies name EQ as a bigger indicator of success than IQ.

So, if you’re looking to get a leg up on your competition, start with the system of your emotions.

Whether you like to admit it or not, you’re an emotional being.

Reacting to stimuli with emotion, and not rationality.

But simply being aware of your emotions and understanding that it is a system in your body will help you get smarter with your emotions.

Think of your EQ like a thermometer.

When everything’s cool, you’re calm & collected, but when it heats up, you become irrational and make poor decisions (most of the time).

System 2: Social Awareness

Next up is Social Awareness. This is about reading the room – understanding people's motivations, fears, and desires.

And in your business, that is pure gold.

The problem is most people think that everyone’s thinking about them.

Which isn’t true in most cases.

What is actually happening is people are thinking if you’re thinking about them.

Also known as the spotlight effect.

So, the rule of thumb here:

You have two ears and one mouth.

Use them accordingly.

Greene talks a lot about projection. Meaning that most traits you see people outwardly display are most likely fronts for insecurities in their personal lives.

If you think this way, you’ll learn alot about people’s true intentions.

System 3: Strategic Thinking

Then there's Strategic Thinking.

Greene is all about playing the long game, thinking several moves ahead. Just like a chess master would to beast his opponent.

But this is the real world.

The only real opponent you have is yourself.

So my advice to you is, yes, you can plan and plan and plan.

But the next time you plan your moves, plan how you might emotionally react to the new stimulus.

The only thing that’s going to hinder your plans (barring outside circumstances) is you.

Whether it’s plans for you personally or for your business, I don’t think people think enough about how they’ll feel emotionally when they get there.

Because, inedible, with enough consistency, you do get there.

And it’s never what you quite imagined.

System 4: Mastery of Self

Perhaps the most critical system of the mind is the Mastery of Self.

Greene talks about self-control and autonomy. It's about not being a puppet to your impulses but the puppeteer of your actions.

This is where the dots connect when you combine the previous systems we discussed.

Mastery of self is something that all elite performers in any industry strive for, but it will never happen if you don’t examine the systems of your mind.

In business, the name of the game of self-mastery is discipline.

Rooting back to self-control, you can do anything you set your mind to if you are disciplined enough to be consistent.

Leveraging Your Mind's Systems

Now, how do you use these systems to your advantage?

It's simple – awareness and practice.

Be aware of your emotional state, understand the social dynamics at play, think strategically, and always be in control of your actions.

Not reactive to your emotions.

This is the foundation of a strong mind.

It’s not easy, but simply being aware of these systems in your mind can make massive strides in improvements.

And another thing, be patient with yourself.

I feel that many of us set out to do something, and when it doesn’t happen immidetley, we get frustrated and demotivated.

That’s all part of the plan, just be patient.

Let's Chat About Your Systems

If you're intrigued by the idea of honing your mind's systems and applying them to your business, then let’s chat.

I'm all about creating systems – not just in our minds but in our businesses too. Custom Notion workspaces, GPTs, automation you name it – I'm here to help you create a system that works for you.

Until next time, keep tuning those systems.

Your friend,


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