Can you automate contact?

It turns out yes, yes you can.

It’s no secret I love automation.

For me, when I set up a new scenario, I feel like Iron Man is suiting up to destroy bad guys.

I feel like the tip of the world is at my fingertips because I know I’m building leverage.

But do you know what I don’t love?


Well, that’s not true; some meetings are great.

But unnecessary awkward meetings are time-draining.

And downright no fun.

So, in order to take fewer time-consuming meetings, I built this automation.

A lot of agencies/businesses put a “Book your discovery call” option at the bottom of their page.

I’m no exception, but I’ve added something new.

You see how the beginning of the automation above (the one with the lightning bolt) says “Tally” and “Watch New Responses”

We’ll these guys have become my best friends.

Let me show you how.

At the bottom of my landing page, I’ve added a new tally form (for free btw).

As you can see, instead of booking a call immediately, the person reading is able to submit a simple form of inquiry.

And since setting this up, I’ve noticed a significant uptick in responses.

But let’s walk through what this automation for contact exactly does:

Trigger: Watch New Responses (Tally): The workflow triggers every time a user submits a new inquiry at 

  • Router: Typically used for filtering out actions based on conditional criteria, but here I used it to separate the workflow more visually.

  • Create Contact in CRM (Notion): In the top path, I create a new contact in my CRM and label it with a lead & inbox tag. (this way it shows up directly in my inbox in my lead tracker.)

  • Create Lead Form (Notion): Next, I add a page in a different database that has all the properties from the questions in the tally form to record every answer in Notion.

  • Attach Lead Form (Notion): The reason we created a lead form in Notion is so that we can attach it to the CRM page we created earlier. This way, when I check the inbox in notion, I can see that tally form responses are in the same place.

  • Message Team (Slack): On the bottom half of the router, I have a module set up to send me a Slack notification just as an extra layer of safety to make sure I see it.

  • Email Prospect (Mail): Finally, an automated email is sent to the prospect, which invites them to either reply with more information or schedule a call with me if it’s too much for one email.

Now, with this, we have leverage.

How? You might ask.

Well, for one, it avoids meeting with people who aren’t actually inquiring and want to speak about something else, which is helpful.

But it also always helps me to plan more & not worry about emailing someone back right away or setting their information up in my lead tracker.

All of it is done for me automatically.

The best part is the automation is sweet & short.

Simple to build, but yet incredibly efficient in more than one way.

Feel free to steal this framework and set up an automation similar to this one for yourself!

Or if that sounds like too much work & you have more processes to automate, feel free to either A) Fill out the contact form at ;) or B) book a call with me if you don’t have time to mess around.

But with that, we are at the end of today’s email.

Have a wonderful Saturday.


PS: You can grab my all of my resources here while most of them are still free :)