I've been thinking

Are you thinking holistically about your business?

I’ve been thinking a lot about Meta-systems.

No, it’s not Facebook’s latest algorithm, either.

A meta-system is a complex system that manages other systems. If that sounds confusing, you’re not alone. I didn’t even know I was building meta-systems until AI told me so.

Your brain is a meta-system. Managing your heartbeat, how many times you breathe every minute, and even the thought you are thinking of right now.

At first, I thought this concept was a bit out there.

But the more I look, the more I see examples of this every day. Like most governments, they have a head or federal, and then they divide power by the state or into different branches like the military or the judicial branch.

That’s why I started thinking of my business in the same way.

And you should, too.

Here’s the thing: your business is a complex machine. You have sales, marketing, product/service, fulfillment, customer support….

The list goes on and on.

These little moving pieces are the microsystems under your business, being the meta-system.

You might be thinking:

”Hunter, why would you even look at a business like this?”

Well, the answer is simple: to be holistic.

It’s hard to gain perspective on what exactly is causing the friction in your business when you are so close to the business.

This is why I manage my business in Notion. With a clear overview of every part of the business, I can spot bottlenecks before they come up. If I wasn’t able to customize my workspace, this would not be possible.

And it’s the same reason I believe everyone needs a second brain.

Yes, your brain is a meta-system managing your body. But what do you have that manages the thoughts in your brain?

For most people, it’s nothing, and that’s why their business consumes them.

Don’t get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with working in your business.

But there's a difference between working in and working on.

When you’re working on your business, you're doing activities of leverage, the things that when you input 1, you get 10 out, like building automation or setting up a CRM in Notion.

My 1 golden takeaway for you today:

Start thinking holistically about your business.

It’s one big meta-system, after all.

PS: If you’re struggling to build the right systems in your business or don’t know where to get started, I’ve got you. Book a call with me and I’ll audit your operations for free, and show you what a customized Notion workspace can do for you.

Or grab The Agency Blueprint to get started.

Have a great weekend.

Peace out,