TPS #56– $100M Offers Oracle

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If anyone has massively shaped my approach to crafting highly compelling, outrageously profitable offers…

It's the legend himself, Alex Hormozi.

I’ve taken so many of his ideas, frameworks, and methodologies in my own life, especially from the book $100M Offers.

This is why I built “$100M Offers Oracle,” an AI-powered Alex Hormozi advisor.

I’ve uploaded the entire book into its knowledge base and prompt-engineered the perfect user experience to help you scale your business.

Today, not only are you going to get access to this oracle, but I’ll be breaking down how to get the most possible value out of this GPT.

Note: This does require a paid ChatGPT + subscription.

Meet Your $100M Offer Oracle.

This AI draws directly from Alex Hormozi's battle-tested methods for turning average offers into 7 to 8-figure grand slam home runs.

I structured it Conversationally so you can explore every step of building Alex's Million Dollar Offer formula with personalized guidance:

  • Finding your Epic Category King niche

  • Creating lead magnets that hook attention

  • Optimizing conversion funnel design

  • Increasing average cart value

  • Getting customers obsessed

It's basically like having an AI-powered Alex consulting you 1-on-1.

Here is exactly how to pick this GPT's brain step-by-step, just like I do:

Share Context First

Start by explaining your business model, ideal customers, and current offers. Give it clear context.

You can even ask the GPT what information it needs to give you the best results.

Pick An Offer Aspect To Improve

Ask for specific advice around:

  • Improving messaging

  • Increasing perceived value

  • Enhancing uniqueness

  • Crafting irresistible lead magnets

  • Optimizing funnel format

And voila - you'll rapidly craft higher conversions and higher value offers thanks to AI-powered access to one of the greatest persuasion masters ever.

Here’s an example conversation where I asked

“Please go to and provide the best example of a lead magnet I could build based on my offer.”

Here’s the output I got:

My prompt was a little basic, but the results are good.

Let’s make the output better by providing more context and asking to expand on a single point.

I prompted this next:

“Let's expand on #1. What are some novel templates I could create that would attract my target audience?”

And this was the output:

As you can see, these are great template Ideas, and I’ve already built some of them.

I can go even further and ask the GPT to expand on a singular point and make it even more novel.

But for the sake of brevity, I won’t.

Now, for the moment you’ve been waiting for, the link to the GPT.

Here it is. Give it a spin for yourself.

Or don’t, but you’ll be missing out.

That’s all I have for today, folks.

If you liked using this GPT, let me know. I’d love to hear about your experiences.

Until next Saturday,

Peace out,

Your friend Hunter.

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